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About Homeopathy, Bach Flowers and my Consultations

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy has been established for 200 years. The main principle behind it is “like cures like”, meaning that a substance causing symptoms in a healthy person can also cure the same symptoms in a sick person. Homeopathy recognises that symptoms are an expression of an imbalance of the whole person not just a part and that each patient is unique.

Homeopathic remedies are made from natural sources including plants, minerals, metals and animal products. The remedies are highly diluted but have a strong therapeutic action which stimulates the body to heal itself. Remedies are safe, non-toxic, non-addictive, have no side effects and can be used alongside conventional medicine. Homeopathy can treat a wide range of mental, emotional and physical conditions and is so gentle it can be used for any age, from babies to the elderly.

Homeopathy and Bach Flowers/Consultations. bfp logoWhat are Bach flowers?

Discovered by Dr. E Bach (1886-1936), who trained as a physician and bacteriologist, became increasingly dissatisfied with the limitations of the orthodox medicine. Bach discovered 38 remedies based mainly on wild flowers and tree blossoms each for specific mental and emotional state.

His research and knowledge concluded that physical health depends upon emotional health and that ill health can be induced when we think negatively. Bach flower remedies help to transform negative attitudes into positive ones, concentrating on our emotional state rather than on our physical disease, thereby understanding that the body is a mirror of the mind.

The 38 remedies can be used by all ages in conjunction with other treatments and medicines. They are non-poisonous, non-addictive and have no side effects.

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The consultation provides a safe environment in which you will feel able to discuss personal issues with the confidence that any information is completely confidential. You do not have to be ill, since Homeopathy can help to maintain good health and support you during difficult times.

The First Consultation

The first consultation lasts for one and 1/2 hours for adults, and one and 1/4 hours for children. It enables me to learn about your state of health, your past illnesses/traumas and medical, surgical and family history. It is also highly valuable to understand your personality, likes and dislikes, sleep pattern, fears and the way your body reacts to the environment. The more I learn about you, the easier it is to prescribe an effective remedy.

Subsequent Consultations

These last from forty five minutes to an hour and occur at 4-6 weekly intervals. This allows me to assess your progress and reaction to the remedies I have prescribed. I am happy to send a reminder text before each appointment if requested.


Patients are well informed about their treatment and there is further opportunity to buy patient booklets for those wanting to understand it in more detail. Full instructions are given on how to take the remedies and what to expect. Homeopathic remedies are not usually given on the same day as the consultation (except for the Bach Flowers), but will be sent within a week. This is because I prefer to examine the information carefully before making a prescription in order to determine the most suitable remedies.